Internet Videos on Psychology

I recommend the following videos, mostly found on YouTube. They represent some of my interests, in Attachment Theory, Parent-Infant Interaction, Developmental Psychopathology, and Interpersonal Neurobiology. Enjoy! (Some are not for children and this is noted below)


Attachment Theory was originally formulated by John Bowlby and expanded by Mary Ainsworth and many other developmental psychologists.

Everett Waters Strange Situation Video
Strange Situation Video
Allan Schore: The Neurobiology of a Secure Attachment
Dan Siegel on Optimal Attachment
Dan Siegel on Ambivalent Attachment
Dan Siegel on Avoidant Attachment
Dan Siegel on Disorganized Attachment


Still Face Experiment (Tronick
Tronick video Meaning Making and Mutual Regulation


One of the best writers and thinkers on the connection between development, mind, and neurobiology, Dr. Siegel is the author of The Developing Mind, Mindsight, and Parenting From the Inside Out (among other books that I strongly recommend). He is also an extremely effective speaker.

Siegel: The Brain and The Developing Mind (1 hour)
Daniel Siegel: Mindsight Google Personal Growth Series (video 1hour)
Dan Siegel: Brain development and early experience
Dan Siegel: a “hand model” of the brain
Dan Siegel- Mirror Neurons Mindsight and Empathy
Empathy Mirror Neurons and Autism
Dan Siegel- The Low Road
Siegel: How Our Relationships Shape Us
Interpersonal Connection


Mirror Neurons Part 1
Mirror Neurons part 2
Early Childhood Brain Development
Spitz Emotional Deprivation in Infancy [Disturbing, not for children]
Infants can make moral judgements (New York Times video)


Theory of Mind best video  
Theory of Mind Video 1 
Theory of Mind Video 2  
Theory of Mind Video age 5 
Sally Anne Test Video


Stanford Prison Experiment (Zimbardo) – BBC documentary [Disturbing, not for children] Study of the power of roles on human behavior (29 minutes)
Stanford Prison Experiment (Zimbardo) – Stanford University documentary (51 minutes)
The Milgram Experiment (Zimbardo) [Disturbing, not for children]
Moral Disengagement (Albert Bandura)